Kids Court for Speeding Drivers

Kids Court for Speeding Drivers

Imagine the scene: You’ve carelessly been driving over the speed limit past a local school without a care in the world. Perhaps it’s part of your everyday routine that you simply don’t even consider. Familiarity certainly has a way of lessening the “what if’s” for the average motorist.

But today is different, as you sail thoughtlessly past, you realise you’ve just been clocked by a surreptitiously concealed police speed camera.  Worse still, one of his colleagues is now flagging you down to stop. As you pull over with a selection of well-worn excuses spinning around your head, you also notice something else…

Next to the police officer stand a group of year 6 children and they look angry, really angry. As you’re trying to process what happened during the last two minutes, it’s politely explained that you can either receive a ticket or go into the school and take your chances with the dreaded “Kids Court”…

You are then faced with the horrors of utter humiliation as you attempt to explain your actions to a group of year 6 children. They’ve had enough of traffic breaking the limits and putting their lives at risk. They’re proving to be tough cross examiners and they’re certainly not for buying into any of your excuses. After a gruelling session you are allowed to go home with a warning that made three points on your licence seem like something of a let-off.

Kids Court

“Kid’s Courts” are something that has been used across the country over several years. We designed the featured logo for Sandwell Council for one of their recent campaigns. We’ve also produced a range of banners for schools to encourage drivers to slow down and to park away from the school.

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